World Happiness Fest 2024


Wolfe University Center

3000 Northeast 151st Street North Miami Beach, FL 33181


March 22, 2024


Dr. Jenn will be presenting two talks at this wonderful event on March 22nd, 2024 – Thrive Cycle and Sensory Language Play Session. The following descriptions provide insight as to what you can expect from each presentation. She is very excited for this event and looks forward to seeing you there!

Thrive Cycle

Rituals and Patterns of Symbolic Behavior

Rituals can be patterns of symbolic behavior in which individuals and groups are able to explore and nourish in a purposeful and vulnerable way, our deepest level of beliefs, norms and values. 

Rituals allow us to be full present in a state of intentional relation with ourselves and others in order to co-create meaning in the face of unpredictability in an ever shifting internal and external reality.

Biomedical and mental health research is continuing to demonstrate that interventions in individuals and communities that embrace complementary interventions, that embrace ritual are resulting in improvements in biological, social and emotional health measures. Mental health studies have shown that inclusion of intentional ritual that is meaningful to the client decreases anxiety, improves attention span, increases feelings of control, and reconnects individuals to their innate creative problem-solving abilities.

Thrive Cycle is a ritualistic art and play-based behavioral curriculum created by Dr. Follett. The curriculum has been used successfully in both clinical practice and in life-coaching to cause a shift in how we approach mental health support to reach sustainable social emotional health and full self-expression for our clients. Clients experience an immediate shift from the social construct of having or being a problem in order to have change in life, to embracing a desire for knowledge and experience in order to co-create a life through personal ritual.

Join us to experience the March curriculum at the World Happiness Fest.

I look forward to co-creating your full-self expression!