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Dr. Jenn Follett

Dr. Jenn received her PhD in Bio-Behavioral Nutrition from University of California, Davis. Her research centered around how generational trauma and chronic stress in vulnerable communities impacts access to optimal physical and mental. Her work on a National Research Initiative was focused on decreasing childhood obesity and long-term chronic disease in underserved communities. Dr. Jenn made a decision to move her knowledge and passion  toward healing trauma earlier in life to prevent irreparable damage to physiological and mental health later in life.

She also sought to break the cycle of generational trauma. Dr. Jenn is currently a LMSW practicing as trauma-based therapist. She uses play- art- and music-based therapy to assist the body and mind in co-creatively healing individuals  from 5 years to 65 years. In addition, Dr. Jenn is also a Certified Therapeutic and Spiritual Coach with master certification in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy. Dr. Jenn is the creator of Thrive Cycle in which she sees every client as already successful in achieving their outcomes. “I get to enjoy walking parallel on your path as you offer the world a new, unique and creative path toward your full-self expression.” 

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2024 Speaking Engagements

  • March curriculum at the World Happiness Fest

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